Fine Art Landscape Photographer


Size      Print Only Plexi* Float Framed Plexi* Standard Float** Framed Stack*** Mega Stack Silver Frame
16x24 $195 $495 $750 $395 $695 $695 $750
20x30 $275 $795 $1050 $595 $895 $895 $1050
24x36 $375 $995 $1350 $795 $1095 $1095 $1350
30x45 $495 $1295 $1650 $995 $1295 $1295 $1650
40x60 $875 $1795 $2150 $1495 $1795 $1795 $2150

12x18 Giclee Print
with black matte (overall dimension 18x24)…………………..$125
6.67x10 Giclee Print with black matte (overall dimension 11x14)………………….$39
Most prints available in all sizes.  Shipping additional.

*Artwork is mounted to the back of high-grade acrylic giving it an unbeatably crystal-clear, three dimensional feel as the picture is seen thru the acrylic.
It is both UV-protected and scratch-resistant giving acrylic artwork a look that is as durable as it is unique.  A 0.125" thick black, acid-free board is provided on the back to fully encase and protect face mounted artwork.

**Standard Floats give the art dimension so it appears as if it is floating off the wall.  Artwork is mounted on an acid-free 3/8" thick surface, finished with a beveled edge, and given a 3/4" deep backing to created a floating effect.  The backing is recessed from the edge such that it is not easily seen.  A surface finish enhances the artwork and provides UV protection and moisture resistance.

***Framed Stacked prints are the same as the Standard Float, except that the 3/8" thick, beveled mount is then mounted on another 3/8" thick surface so that it stands proud of the backing rather than inset like a standard mat.  It is then framed.  My standard color for the backing and frame is black.