Fine Art Landscape Photographer


I own "Winter Trees."  I love the black and white print.  SO much going on, so many places to study, incredible depth of field, texture.  I keep waiting for someone or something to walk out of the trees, trudging through the snow.  You didn't hide anything in there that I have not caught yet have you?

Thanks again, Did I say that I LOVE IT!

Ken Rook

Alan & Victoria Campbell

When I was there a few days ago, I saw your amazing photographs and bought the two different 18" x 24" ones of Wotan's Throne at Cape Royal.  They are gorgeous and I will enjoy looking at them in my home.

Richard Perry

We purchased a 30x45 Winter Watchman, and a 24x36 Subway, both plexi float mounted.  WE also purchased a 12x18 Cape Royal Sunrise matted in black.  We can't wait to get them on the wall, they are just as beautiful as we remembered.  They will be loved by all, thanks so much.

Skip & Emily Mountcastle

Your lovely photo catches the extraordinary memories I have of both my childhood and one of the wonders of the world... Thank you!

Susan Kilmartin

We just put up the photos and they are gorgeous.  They "speak to us" and Stan and I just love them.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with Stan and me.

Stan and Lauren Friedman